OEM can centerless grind 12 ft bars of ring gauge quality. Our standard finish is a RMS of 32 and the O.D. tolerance of +.000-.001. We can provide tighter tolerances and better finishes if required.

Our cut to length shafting will have a length tolerance of +/- .005 as a standard.

Standard material is CD 1045

Why come to OEM?
Foremost in everyone’s eyes cost. OEM has provided its customers since 1976 with a high quality low cost shaft. By providing our customers with a completed shaft we have eliminated their need for carrying inventory and machinery to produce shafts.

Since most of our customers have been with us for 10+ years we have learned to anticipate their needs, which has allow us to ship within 24 hours when needed.

Standard lead time is 2 weeks but we are working to reduce and we are presently shipping within seven working days.